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Face - to - face Classes

This kind of classes are suitable for students living in Oporto who want to improve their skills in spanish or need to pass a spanish exam. Classes can be given at my place, in the center of the city or at student´s home.

If you live in another city or don´t feel like commuting this is your kind of class. Skype lessons are comfortable, easy and time-saving. You only need a computer, a good internet connection and be willing to learn.

Hi! My name is Reyes.

I am a Spanish teacher and I have been teaching languages for the last 5 years. I have a degree in Spanish Teaching as a second language and also a CELTA course (training qualification for teaching English as a second or foreign language).

During my career I have been working in countries such as Brasil, Portugal and Spain.

Nowadays, I am living in Oporto, Portugal where I work as a teacher and translator on my own and for several language schools.

skype classes

Do you want to improve your spanish?

60 minutes classes

Free updated material provided in each class

Personalized classes depending on the student level and goals

  • What kind of classes do you offer ?

    Espanhol no Porto offers two different kind of classes:

    1. Private one-to-one Skype classes
    2. Private face-to-face classes which can be one-to-one or in a small group of two/three people
  • How is a first class ?

    The first class is always for free and lasts around 30 minutes. During this class teacher and student talk about student´s goals, skills that need improving and the structure of following lessons.

  • How is a normal class ?

    The approach used in my classes is a communicative approach. This means a focus on communication using material and texts from real situations and an emphasis on learning through interaction between student and teacher.

    The main goal is the development of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, always taking into account each student´s needs.

  • How is a Skype class ?

    Before the lesson I send you the necessary files which are going to be used during the class, using dropbox or mail.

    In class we work with these materials and I correct or underline the mistakes, besides adding useful vocabulary and grammar points. Depending on the student´s goals and level the work materials can vary between dialogues, videos, songs, grammar sheets…

    After the skype lesson I send homework to the student.

  • Which hours are you available ?

    You can book your classes from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 10pm.

    If you are interested in classes during another time, send me an email to:

  • Can I cancel a class ?

    Yes, you can cancel a class until 24 hours before it starts.

  • How is the payment done ?

    The payment used is Paypal or bank transfer payment.


I would love to know more about you.

If you have any doubt please fill the form below and I will write you back as soon as possible.

espanhol no porto

Customized classes, online or face-to-face in Oporto

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